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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is a blog based companion to the online book ALLAH, WHO IS HE?

At this blog I will watch Islam and bring you ongoing trends in the Muslim community worldwide. I will also watch for new findings in epigraphic and historic discoveries as they are reported and posted by academics.

If you have suggestions for content here, please leave them in comments below.

By way of policy, this blog will not be used to attack Islam in general. I do not see all Muslims as the enemy. The enemy of Jesus Christ is any wicked person who leads any other person away from Jesus Christ and his Gospel. That includes all Muslim teachers as well as most Christian teachers.

For this reason, I will reject from comments, and choose to ignore, and attacks on Christian truth based on some wicked leader is some church organization. I deal with them already in my online journal, BLESSED QUIETNESS JOURNAL

We in the the true Church of Messiah Jesus Christ examine and expose heretics within Christianity. Muslims do not understand what is happening when they see this. They assume we must be ready to leave the Christian faith because we are exposing heretics in Christianity. This misunderstanding is caused by the fact that Muslims do not expose their own heretics and sex perverts. Mullahs who sodomize young boys are not discussed, only avoided. There is no way for Islam to discipline their Mullahs. Sin is not important in Islam, only compliance to the Hadith of Muhammed.

For this reason, you must be able to see that if anyone is going to examine Islam, it will NOT be leaders within Islam.

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